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WUXI FUYO TECH CO., LTD specialized in manufacturing the rubber sesimic isolator and many kinds of vibration isolator applied for the big-rise buildings and bridges with aims to protect them from earthquake. At present, we have been developed the most complete series products of seismic isolator, which includes rigid sliding bearings and elastic sliding bearings; and products of damper, which includes viscous wall dampers and low-carbon steel dampers; also we offer other compatible components such as isolation device of equipment, isolation hose and lift isolation connector etc. . All this three parts will form a complete isolation system to make protection the buildings from the earthquake.
WUXI FUYO TECH CO., LTD have a more complete manufacturing machines list and metal surface treatment equipments list, so we can do large-size of isolators’ production.

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     Wuxi city Jiangsu province, China
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